Using Creativity for Stress Reduction and Healing


An Eight Week Self-Paced eCourse:

Mindful Mandalas

This eCourse is self-paced so if your life allows you to complete two lessons in a week, you can.  If your life get busy and you have to skip a few weeks, no problem.

You have access to Mindful Mandalas for a whole year.

Cultivating Creativity and Healing for All

Expanding beyond our traditions of working with cancer survivors,
their friends, family members, and care-givers.

Appropriate for all chronic diseases and life disrupting events
or perhaps you just need some time re-centering time...

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Creativity stimulates healthy immune systems – a person’s best chance at fighting chronic diseases and stress. Healing Icons® are visual symbols you create about your life's journey in our empowering series of classes.


Unique & Creative

Be willing to fall back in love with your creativity.


Contagious Healing

Friendship is a source of joy, that’s why we work in small groups



Once pain is released, we move toward living more fully.


Coping Tools

Learn to manage and uncover a deep emotional well of healing


Online Community

Connect with other survivors, discuss work, share stories, from any device.


Amazing Support

Our experienced and dedicated teachers are here for you.

We Need More Than Medicine to Heal

Since 1995, Healing Icons® has inspired thousands through artistic workshops for adults.

Our mission is to provide creative, evidence-based treatment support that is accessible and affordable.



Get messy with workshops, retreats, exhibitions and community events

Learning to Play
“Looking forward to this class each week was the highlight of my cancer agenda! The atmosphere Heidi created was so very peaceful and her gentle encouragement allowed me to begin to release a half century of “junk”. TBD 2014


We build communities of hope to transform the trauma of cancer.

Igniting Creativity
“The fellowship is so inspiring. I feel I have a devoted, dependable, loving and encouraging family. To be accepted as I am, has given me a chance to grow, not only creatively, but spiritually, too.” TB 2014



Deep personal connections are created within a nurturing community

Learning from Each Other
“These art and healing classes provided me with much needed support and enjoyment. Fellowship came through our learning that art has healing powers. We all realized we were just as afraid of art as we were of our cancer! All that changed very quickly!” DM 2014


The creative process is introduced as a means of confronting fear

Dedicated Encouragement
“Heidi’s knowledge and encouragement were tremendous. The opportunity to express my inner thoughts and feelings in the accompaniment of others experiencing a life-threatening condition was incredibly encouraging as well as healing. While working on the art project people feel relaxed, comfortable to talk and share feelings instead of just sitting in a circle waiting for the next person to talk like a traditional support group. In these classes, there is room for silence and it never seems awkward.” CP 2014