New Foundations
Heidi Darr-Hope

"The arts are about to take upon their shoulders the burdens that have fallen from the shoulders of priests, and lead us back upon our journey by filling of our thoughts with the essence of things and not with things."   

W. B. Yates





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The Art of Survival: Insights into Healing
We Need More than Medicine to Heal

Journey through Cancer with Healing Icons

Our mission is to facilitate
Healing through Creative Expression
for adult cancer survivors.

Healing Icons is about Attitude and Action.

It is about Becoming Aware and Living with Intentionality.

Our goal is to Inspire Movement in your life’s journey
Fueled by the Creative Act.

Cancer stops you in your tracks. Turning your life upside down, inside out.
Alone we can’t, but in small gatherings we can… begin to understand and heal.
One story, one creation at a time.

We build small communities of hope and optimism to transform
the trauma of cancer into opportunities for growth.

Our outreach consists of arts and healing studio workshops, retreats,
exhibitions and community events.

Whether you are currently "in-treatment" or you are post-treatment,
you are welcome to join us. You will know when the time is right.


The following example of a student reflection illustrates the significance this process has had on cancer patients and their healing process.

“Learning to Connect with Myself”    Mask by C.S.
The mask helped me realize that I will be able to cope with my cancer and find balance in my life. The exterior of my mask represents the ocean, a place to revive myself. The clear eyes keep my vision open and free from being clouded with negative thoughts. I had deep emotional pain that is represented by the broken mirror and coils of wire. The mica reminds me to stay grounded and connected with myself during this time of healing.

Insights into Healing are creative arts workshops for oncology patiensts.
Tune Ups are workshops confronting the challenges of living beyond the diagnosis.

In our fast paced culture, we skim the surface of life, rushing from one activity to another, not allowing ourselves time to ponder, to reflect, to play, to witness our lives unfold.  We lose ourselves in our over committed worlds, while our inner life starves for nourishment. In our hurried lives, we misplace our ability to hear the still small voice within. A caner diagnosis forces us to slow down...

Creativity, spirituality and dreams are soul languages that beg us to slow down and tend to our inner lives. These metaphorical languages reveal a visual vocabulary where our hearts and souls unfold to us. Our lives deepen and expand, discovering that in the smallest of things we find greatness and experience the resiliency of the human spirit.

Creating a Healing Icon begins the journey into healing...

Student art
Art work created by participants in our workshops and retreats.


All of our seasonal offerings are free of charge due to the generous support of our sponsors, unless noted otherwise.

No experience is needed! Whether you are currently "in-treatment" or you are post treatment, you are welcome to join us. You will know when the time is right.

These Hero's Journey
offerings are sponsored by the Lexington Medical Center Foundation and are held held at Lexington Medical Park 1 2728 Sunset Boulevard, West Columbia, SC 29169. Specific location will be given upon registration.

Spring Series - Wednesdays

March 19 from 1pm - 5pm
March 26 from 11am - 2 pm
April 2 from 1pm - 5pm
April 9 from 11am - 2pm
April 16 from 1pm - 5pm

As springtime begins, our spirits are invigorated by the promise of the season - opportunities for growth. We will be creating a mixed media Healing Icon as a visual symbol of reawkaening to life.

To register: call Libby Daniels @ 803-791-2289 or Jennifer Peagler @ 791-2617
or email us

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