Creativity and
Healing for All

art as healing

Solid Mission
with a Global Vision

We are a non-profit on a mission to inspire, nurture and heal the entire human being – body, mind, and spirit- through creative expression, breathing techniques and meditative practices.

Healing Icons® vision is to inspire growth in the lives of adults by nurturing the human spirit – one person, one story, one community at a time.

For over 25 years, we have been serving our global brothers and sisters through public events, exhibitions, on-line classes, workshops, and retreats.

Want to get started today, check out our Creating Brave eCourse, Mindful Mandalas.

We rely on your generous support to do the work we do.

Special Community
Lunch and Learn
Mindful Mandalas

Revive Your Spirit.
Let Go of Stress and Anxiety.

Thursday, March 30th - 12:00 - 1:30
Held at: Corazon Holistic Health
1613 Main Street, Columbia, SC. 29201

Registration Closed

No Experience Necessary

Creative expression, breathing techniques and meditation practices stimulate healthy immune system – a person’s best chance in fighting chronic diseases and stress. We believe in healing the entire human being - body, mind, and spirit.

Mindful Breathing

Changing the breath can significantly alter the way we feel. Learn breathing techniques to reduce stress and anxiety.

Contagious Healing

Friendship is a source of joy.  Humans need each other; that’s why we work in small groups.

Peace of Mind

When the dirt settles the water becomes clear.  When the mind becomes clear, we experience peace. Learn to meditate.

Restorative Movement

One of the simplest ways to heal the body and mind is through mindful movement. Experience ease in your body.

Good Vibrations

Our thoughts, words and other sounds have the power to positively impact our entire experience. Fine tune your vibrations.

Creative Outpouring

Be willing to fall back in love with your creativity or discover new modes of expression.  Come create with us.


I recommend Healing Icons® to other cancer survivors as it has helped me reflect on my cancer journey, something I did not have the energy to do while I was in treatment. Having examined my feelings and fears, my hopes and dreams, I now stand strong in who I have become.”

- I.S.

Surprised by the mysterious image I created, I sat with it, letting the colors and symbols direct me. I allowed myself the chance to reflect on my feelings and emotions, something I did not permit myself to do while I was undergoing treatment. Reaching deep within to find meaning and seek understanding about my life, I am now at peace.”

- E.M.

I gaze into a sea of sadness, tired and unsure of my future but trying to live for today. Creating art soothes my spirit and I am held in this sacred art studio.”

- H. Mc.D.

My cancer diagnosis has left me feeling shocked – emotionally, physically and financially drained. Healing Icons® has provided a creative, sacred space for me to begin to understand this arduous journey.”

- J.R.



Get messy with workshops, retreats, exhibitions and community events

Learning to Play
“Looking forward to this class was the highlight of my week! The atmosphere Heidi created was so very peaceful and her gentle encouragement allowed me to begin to release a half century of “junk”. TBD


We build communities of hope to lessen anxiety, let go of stress and transform trauma.

Igniting Creativity
“The fellowship is so inspiring. I feel I have a devoted, dependable, loving and encouraging family. To be accepted as I am, has given me a chance to grow, not only creatively, but spiritually, too.” TB



Deep personal connections are created within a nurturing community

Learning from Each Other
“These art and healing classes provided me with much needed support and enjoyment. Fellowship came through our learning that art has healing powers. We all realized we were just as afraid of art as we were of our cancer! All that changed very quickly!” DM


The creative process is introduced as a means of confronting fear

Dedicated Encouragement
“Heidi’s knowledge and encouragement were tremendous. The opportunity to express my inner thoughts and feelings in the accompaniment of others experiencing a life-threatening condition was incredibly encouraging as well as healing. While working on the art project people feel relaxed, comfortable to talk and share feelings instead of just sitting in a circle waiting for the next person to talk like a traditional support group. In these classes, there is room for silence and it never seems awkward.” CP