Solid Mission with a Global Vision


We’re a non-profit on a mission to teach art-making as a form of healing to every cancer survivor on the planet. 

Through our community events, art exhibitions, and creative workshops for cancer survivors, their families and caregivers, we provide relief, reduce suffering and make positive change in people’s lives!

Cancer Diagnosis

Yearly Diagnoses

It is hard to imagine what 14 million people really look like but one in every four might be easier. One in every four people in our world will face this arduous Cancer Journey, a grueling journey physically, emotionally, spiritually. If you’re a cancer survivor, you get this.  If you are not, let us introduce you to a few of these millions of courageous survivors. Let them show you how art helped save their lives.


We invite you to put yourselves in their shoes. Follow them through their doctor’s appointments, their chemo & radiation treatments, their pain & nausea, fatigue & sleeplessness, their body scars & loss of hair, their fight for life!

No one chooses this path but everyone needs a helping hand through it.

We gather together in solidarity bound by what the creative process brings.

Finding the Right Kind of Support

Overwhelmed by what is happening to our bodies, it can be extremely difficult to even identify what is being felt on the inside. A participant once said, “I feel as though I have un-namable overwhelming sensations that whirl around inside my head and my body but they are not speech ready.” Not Speech Ready.

How do we experience what is happening in our lives when we can’t put words to it…when Sometimes Words Are Not Enough.

This is where Healing Icons® comes into play.

Art as Healing

Healing Icons

What is a Healing Icon®? The word icon comes from the Greek word eikon, meaning likeness. So a Healing Icon® is simply visually representation of the cancer survivor’s journey, each one being uniquely personal and intimate.

Creative Expression

This is art making that comes from the gut, honest & raw.  It is not about talent and right or wrong.  It is simply about learning another language and trusting where this silent powerful language of color and texture and line leads us.

Awesome Sense of Freedom

Most importantly we experience an awesome sense of freedom while having loads of fun getting messy, getting lost and getting very curious. As you begin to get lost in the process of art making, slowly your creations will begin to speak to you, giving voice to what was once unspeakable.

Healing Icons Student Mandalas

Post Treatment

After treatment many survivors feel strangely alone and abandoned especially if a cancer survivorship plan has not been put into place. As the journey forward begins, there are many quality of life issues to face. Post-treatment challenges such as the short and long term side effects of treatment, stress of years of follow up appointments, fear of reoccurrence… In other words, transitioning from active treatment into recovery isn’t easy. Healing Icons classes offers support during active treatment and beyond.

Proving It

Research shows

Research from the Jefferson-Myrna Brind Center of Integrative Medicine shows that mindfulness meditation coupled with art therapy can successfully decrease stress symptoms- Yay! We knew this already but nice when studies point to what we know and love!  Our mindful art-making practices produce the same benefits as meditation, improving your ability to handle and recover from stress while lowering stress hormone levels.