Welcome to the Healing Icons Blog

KD_ICONWelcome! This blog will highlight the ongoing and upcoming projects of Healing Icons as well as provide a space for thoughts, prompts and insights into living with cancer, grief and the transformative, healing power of art.

Community is a powerful force. By communing with others who are dealing with the same challenges and fears, by learning with and from them, we gain greater strength to go deeper and farther into ourselves and the world around us. We find that we can conquer obstacles that may have, at first, seemed insurmountable, and we can find joy, peace, understanding and fulfillment in the most unexpected places.  Blogging is a unique way of reaching across great distances (and even time) to connect with others traveling along the same path. As such, it is our hope that this blog will support us in our mission to create safe, inspiring and empowering communities for those affected by cancer.

Thanks for visiting, and we hope you’ll join us on our journey.

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