The Art of Survival: Insights into the Arts and Healing | 2013 Classes

We Need More than Medicine to Heal

Journey Through Cancer with Healing Icons

I recommend Healing Icons to other cancer survivors as it has helped me reflect on my cancer journey… Having examined my feelings and fears, my hopes and dreams, I now stand strong in who I have become. – IS, 2012

In each of our arts and healing classes, you will be guided through creative methods that will allow you to reflect on and shape your personal healing icon – a visual reminder of your own restorative process, wisdom and strength.

Stretch into your mind and body, heart and soul. Join us for our arts and healing workshops. Absolutely no experience is necessary.

Our classes are sponsored by the generous support of the Lexington Medical Foundation.

To register, email us or call Libby at 803-791-2289 or Jennifer at 803-791-2617.

Summer Workshops

Exuberant summer – the jeweled balm for the battered spirit. Reclaim the joyousness of summer by exploring the meditative art of drawing sacred circles, sometimes referred to as mandalas. We will introduce you to a variety of materials for creating your personal mandala.

You may register for one or both classes!

Mixed Media Mandalas for Harvesting Gratitude
Tuesday, July 16
1pm – 5pm

Mixed Media Mandalas for Restoring Balance
Thursday, August 8th
1pm – 5pm

Autumn Workshop

Glorious autumn is full of ripe color and cool mornings, a time to begin to reconnect with our still, small voice within. We will create a three-dimensional mixed media heart as a symbolic reminder of the time and attention it takes to sustain an open heart.

Speaking from the Heart:  Creating a Three-dimensional Mixed Media “Healing Heart”
Tuesdays, September 10, 17 & 24 and October 1, 8, 15 & 22
5pm – 7pm

Winter Workshops

Quiet winter – a time of hibernation, reflection and going within, a time to digest what has happened during the year. To process our journey, we will draw from within, exploring the art of bookmaking.

You may register for one class or all three!

Drawing From Within

Creating a Visual Journal for Remembering
Wednesday, November 6th
1pm – 5pm

Creating a Visual Journal for Letting Go
Tuesday, November 19th
1pm – 5pm

Creating a Visual Journal for Discovery
Thursday, December 5th
1pm – 5pm


About your instructors:

Heidi Darr-Hope, founder of Healing Icons, has been a visual artist for over 40 years and has ushered thousands of cancer patients through the Art of Survival in various arts and healing workshops. For more information, visit Healing Icons.

Christy Clonts of Wisdom Scout Coaching and Ceremonies is a holistic life coach, Life Cycle Celebrant®, writer and teacher. For more information, visit Wisdom Scout.

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