Finding Our Inner Phosphorescence: Creative Insights

finding our inner phosphorescenceDon’t walk in front of me, I may not follow.
Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.

– Albert Camus

The more often we share our inner journeys with others, the more we find a commonality in what it is to be human. We at Healing Icons are continually amazed at how the creative process forges deep bonds with others as well as within ourselves.

At our last class, we created a series of collages and wax-resist watercolor paintings. When we finished, we took a step back to examine what we’d birthed and ask questions of it: What colors and shapes were used?  What emotions did we associate with these choices? What type of mood or atmosphere was portrayed?  Did a sense of place come to mind? We wrote down our answers and placed key words into a vertical list. Then we wrote down four or five immediate associations we had with all of the words. After circling eight or so of the words that held the most interest or curiosity for the creator of the piece, we linked those words with other parts of speech to form a wandering thought, reflective paragraph or inspired poem. Here are a couple of our participants’ creative insights below.


I am reuniting……..floating into continuance.
Always the passion, the transformation.
Joy from the past, peace from the future.
Giving over, giving all.


I AM life, itself,





I AM the essence

                             of Mary,

                                         light as a breeze

                                                                   accented by



I AM layered




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