An art as healing eCourse

Deana Rennick

Deana loves making installation sculptures, teaching art, and running half and full marathons for fun.  She loves exploring the world and laughing with her teenage son, Willow, and is a passionate advocate for helping others find their creativity, kindness, confidence, and voice through art.

Michelle Baker

Michelle, retired registrar of the South Carolina State Museum, enjoys being a walker and companion for all creatures with four legs. Her Blue Moon Pet Sitting business keeps her in touch with what's happening in the streets of Columbia and learning more and more about the diversity of our neighborhoods.

Cindy Saad

As a 22 year cancer survivor, she knows deeply what we are all about! After retiring from the South Carolina Commission for the Blind, she is actively pursuing her artistic career as a jeweler and a painter.

Betsy Carpentier

When Betsy is not consulting on educational policy, she is creating amazing stained glass and floating in her swimming pool to unwind. She is a 20 year survivor of breast cancer.

Christy Clonts

Christy, of Wisdom Scout Coaching and Ceremonies, is a Holistic Life Coach, Life Cycle Celebrant®, writer and teacher. Her skills are far-reaching and her interests wrap their arms around the globe. Healing Icons® is proud to have Christy’s expertise on our team!

Agata Chydzinski

Agata brings a wonderful sense of humor to our board along with her incredible technology skills. She helps keep us in the social media world when she is not coaching local entrepreneurs, studying for her MPA, or competing in her swim team meets! She is also the Lead Woman of our Board of Directors.

Michel Graham Moore

Michel is one of the top realtors in Columbia, SC. One of her greatest passions is the arts. An avid photographer, she loves to wield a camera on her travels and has aided our community by serving on many arts related boards, including at the Columbia Museum of Art.  When Michel decided to direct more of the energy she gives to the arts community towards helping others, Healing Icons was the perfect fit.